Monday, May 4, 2009

Free Stuff : Redbox

I’m a huge movie buff and in addition to my Netflix membership visit my local Redbox frequently. If you haven’t seen one already, Redbox has movie kiosk dispensers in many grocery and drug stores around the country. They are a great place to get cheap movie rentals. Only a buck a night for a movie. Pretty good deal but I prefer, you guessed it, free!

Redbox has lots of coupon codes for free movies you can find on the Inside Red Box site. This site tracks all the Redbox codes and members post updates on which codes work, limitations, etc.

I have a secret as well to share with you. Most codes are supposedly for one time use. However, Redbox tracks if you’ve used the code by your credit card. That means that each code works once per card so if you have a lot of credit cards you have that many more free movie rentals! It even works for gift cards with a Visa/MC logo. Inside Red Box talks more about this trick here. And no need to feel too guilty. I’m sure Redbox knows about this site and the multiple credit card use by frugalites. I bet they actually encourage it to drive traffic to their kiosks so other paying customers get interested. And even us frugalites have limited credit cards so eventually you'll find yourself paying $1 for a movie once in a while. So be a walking advertisement for Redbox and have fun movie watching!


  1. I'm such a slacker...I keep going to blockbuster...where we always end up buying the darn movies.
    You've inspired me to start using the redbox...they're everywhere here in Vegas!
    Thanks for the push!

  2. yeah we rented few DVDs for free after u shared this with us... it is really good for us when we want to watch a movie but our netflix DVD has not come yet.

  3. Glad you found my post helpful! Happy movie watching!