Friday, April 24, 2009

Learn To Love Craig

For those of you who snub your nose at CL and refuse to buy "used" furniture think about it. What are "priceless" antiques after all? If you are on a frugal budget but want to decorate your home in style you really should learn to love Craigslist. It can be a treasure trove of heavily discounted designer furnishings, artwork, and other high end items.

And for those who snub used furniture, take a closer look. Sometimes you can find unused items for a steal. For example, we purchased a gorgeous brand new (still wrapped in plastic!) sectional sofa for ~$1,500 off retail on CL. The seller just couldn't fit it in her new penthouse loft & it was too late for her to return it! Home stagers also use CL to sell their unused staging furniture but be wary of these ads as I've found most of the furnishings are cheap Chinese knockoffs sold for close to retail prices.

To find the best household furnishings, filter your CL search for urban and more wealthy areas. I also tend to search by brand name ("Crate Barrel" etc.) to find what I need. Also note that the "furniture" category defaults to "furniture-all" which includes lots of cheap furniture dealers which often sell junk & over post/spam. To avoid this just choose "furniture-owner" from the drop down.

Happy searching!

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